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Real lecturers use a combination of methods including but not limited to 24 hours access to notes, video conferencing, live chats, forum discussions, chat groups with other learners

To allow students to gain competencies, assignments are given based on the nature of the course

There are online tests and graded assignment.  Facilitators will inform learners of specific course requirements. For DSC courses, final examinations are done with other students in a classroom setting

Yes and no.  All classes are held online.  There will be no face-to-face classes

Courses are available at any time, any where there is Internet access.  Download the Mobile App for easier access.

Currently payment may be done in person or via NBD Mobanking.  Please contact info@demerz.com for specific instructions

Payment for all courses and tutorials is due before being registered into these.  For discussion about payment plans contact info@dsc.edu.dm, indicating your special circumstances.

Demers does not offer any degree.  The courses and tutorials offered is for self development and to give students alternative ways of accessing information.  All Dominica State College courses receive credits from that institution and are recognized on students transcripts similar to all other courses.

The DSC courses and most tutorials are offered in blocks of 15 weeks. The duration of personal development and individual tutorials are flexible

  1. Regular Internet access
  2. A functional email address (preferably gmail)