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About US


Demers Institute for Lifelong Learning (DILL) will engage learners through the use of ICT to allow them to take a lead in their daily lives, at work or school.

  • Dedication – we focus on our learners’ needs providing all the support required.
  • Innovation – we bring transformation through the use of creativity and technology
  • Leadership – we provide guidance to our learners towards their academic destination,
  • Liability – we take responsibility for what we do and how we do it. Our actions are designed to provide the transformation that learners seek.

To allow everyone to maximize his/her education potential.

Institute Overview

Our Initiative

At Demers Institute for Lifelong Learning (DILL) we believe that online learning should not be “distant”. We provide every learner with a personal touch throughout the learning experience. We are a non-degree granting institution committed to student success.

We offer tutoring in a number of subject areas for people who are doing courses at other institutions. Our dedicated team of tutors will explain concepts which are otherwise difficult to grasp. Tutorials are available to both groups and individuals and have a flexible start time.

Through DILL, you may also access short courses which will develop you as a person and give you the competitive edge in what you are already doing.

Your success is what matters most as we want you to take the lead in whatever you are already doing.

How Do We Operate?

Our Focus


Our facilitators and instructors are well equipped and vastly knowledgeable in each of our offered course and programmes, They focus on the learners - their needs and their learning styles to ensure their success.


Our learners have full access to their courses, grades, quizzes, assignments and notes from their facilitators. The option to communicate with peers either directly or in group chats and discussion provides additional avenues for learning.


We are essentially a classroom on the go in more ways than one or in other words a classroom that never closes. Not only are learners free to access their instruction at any time they choose to login but our team responds to their needs through a range of interactive means including live chats using the learning platform, and social media. The use of the Mobile App provides more great ease of access on any device. Every course/tutorial incorporates the live sessions where learners and students get to interact ``face-to-face`` online.




The promise of personalized education online means that our team is ready to respond to your needs when they arise. Learn in coordination with your other personal schedules.


There are no pre-requisites required to enrol in our tutorials. Learners set their own schedule for receiving instructions.


The team at DILL is knowledgeable and experienced. They willingly provide access to resources that are germane to the success of all our learners.